Frequently Asked Questions


What is Carsada?

Carsada is a one-stop shop for mechanic-inspected used cars of all brands and models. We offer a simple and safe buying process, with in-house financing that provides fast loan approvals in just 2 to 3 days. Buying a used car from Carsada comes with freebies and product/service bundles from Carsada partners.

Where does Carsada source their cars?

Carsada has a wide range of suppliers from all over the country. All cars are inspected by a third-party mechanic that makes your car purchase experience safe and hassle-free.

Are the prices in Carsada negotiable?

No, prices are non-negotiable. All Carsada cars go through a 188-point mechanic inspection, ensuring high quality in each purchase.

What makes Carsada different from other car listings and dealerships?

We provide transparent car conditions provided by a third-party mechanic. Your purchase from Carsada also comes with a one-year engine and transmission warranty, as well as freebies and discounts from Carsada partners. You can also get a loan approved in as fast as 2 to 3 days!


How do I purchase a car?

Purchasing a car on Carsada is easy! Simply follow these steps to start your expedition: 

  1. Browse the cars available on our website 
  2. Select the car of your interest to learn more about it 
  3. Click ‘Buy Now’, ‘Apply for a Loan’ or ‘Book a Visit’ to send us your information and our team will reach out to you. 
  4. Alternatively, you can use the chat function and our team will be ready to answer your questions.

Can I see and test drive the car?

Yes, just click ‘Book a Visit’, submit your preferred date and time, and we will reach out to arrange the visit.

How do I pay for the car?

You can either pay with cash or apply for financing.  If buying with cash, you can pay via online transfer, gcash or pay cash once you’ve decided to buy the car through our sales representative.

Are there any documents you need if I pay cash?

We just need 2 valid government IDs and 3 specimen signatures for the Deed of Sale and the transfer of OR/CR.

Can I reserve the car I want? Is there a reservation fee?

You may pay a reservation fee of P5,000 and we can hold the car for a week. Cancelled reservations are non-refundable, however if purchase will push through the P5,000 will be deducted from the price of the car.

Can I have my car delivered to my location?

Yes, we can deliver the car for FREE within the Greater Manila Area, once the unit has already been paid for.

How will the transfer of ownership be processed?

Our dealer partner will process the transfer of ownership or you may also do it yourself if you prefer. This process usually takes 1-3 weeks.

What are your operating hours?

We are available anytime you need to purchase the car of your choice. For support and inquiries, we operate on Mondays to Fridays from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

What happens if the car breaks down or shows issues a few days after I bought it?

We are confident that this will seldom happen because all cars are mechanical inspected and certified. But for further peace of mind, we will provide a 1 year engine and transmission warranty for FREE. You can message us through the Contact Us page or you can directly email us at

Will a maintenance record of the car be provided?

We will provide a copy of the maintenance record if it’s available. If it’s not, no need to worry as all cars are mechanic inspected and certified prior to sale. 


How do I apply for a loan?

Click on ‘Apply for a Loan’, submit the necessary information and initial requirements. 

How much is the down payment?

Down payment can go as low as 5% up to 50% (of the SRP) depending on the vehicle and which financial partner will provide the approval.

How much is the monthly payment?

You may use the Loan Calculator available on the car you prefer on our website. Note that said monthly payment displayed is just an approximate and subject to change depending on which financial partner you get approved for.

How long are the payment terms for the loans?

The payment terms for a car loan can range from 1 year to 4 years depending on the vehicle to be purchased.

What are the requirements needed for a loan application?

If Employed: 

  • 2 Valid IDs
  • Certification of Employment
  • Company I.D.
  • 3 Months Latest Pay Slips
  • 3 Months Latest Bank Statement

If Self-Employed:

  • 2 Valid IDs
  • DTI Document
  • Mayor's Permit
  • Latest 3 Month Bank Deposits

How long will approval take?

Approval can be as fast as 2-3 days if complete requirements are submitted. 

When do I pay the down payment?

Once approval is received from our financing partners, payment can be done via online transfer, GCash or cash.

Are there any other fees to be paid aside from the down payment?

Chattel Mortgage Fee will need to be paid on top of the down payment.


Can I sell my car through Carsada?

Yes! We will be glad to assist you if you want your car to be listed on our website. Please contact us at Our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Can I sell a car on behalf of others?

Preferably, the owner should be the one to request for listing their units on Carsada. We can only accept selling cars on behalf of the owner as long as there’s a documented consent from the owner.

If I sell my car on Carsada, how can I view the status of the process?

Our team will regularly update you via email and call so you would know the status of your car.


How does Carsada’s mechanic inspection work?

For your peace of mind and security, all cars listed on Carsada will go through a 188-point inspection from our third-party inspector, ensuring they are safe and in good condition.

How long does the inspection take?

Inspection takes 30-45 minutes on average per unit.

Who will provide a mechanic inspection?

PWSP (Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc) is our credible partner who will provide mechanic inspection services. PWSP will provide 188-point inspection, performed by an expert team to give buyers a reliable, unbiased assessment on a pre-owned vehicle's condition.

What's included in the inspection?

Inspection covers the vehicle’s exterior, interior, engine compartment, tires and wheels, brakes, and underbody.

What happens if my car doesn't pass the inspection? Can I still list my car?

Yes, your car can still have a chance to be listed, subject to an agreement between the dealer and Carsada.

How much is the mechanic inspection?

Mechanic inspection will cost 1000 pesos, and for re-inspection, it will cost 800 pesos.

Can I get a copy of the inspection report ?

Yes! It is available on each car’s product page on our website. You can download it anytime.

If the used car I bought requires repairs and improvements, can I course it through Carsada?

Carsada cars are all in good condition. However, if your unit requires an upgrade or repair, we can recommend partners to check your unit.


What is PWSP?

Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc, (PWSPI) is Carsada's trusted partner in inspecting used-cars. It is an auto mobility company established through a joint venture between GT Mobility Ventures, Inc. (GTMV) – a partnership between GT Capital Automotive Dealership Holdings, Inc. (GTCAD) and Mitsui & Co, Japan – and Premium Group Co. Ltd., Japan’s number one automotive warranty provider.


By providing top-quality inspection and warranty services, PWSPI hopes to deliver worry-free vehicle ownership by thoroughly inspecting each Carsada vehicle to be transparent of each car's quality. 

What is a PWSP inspection?

A PWSP Inspection is a high quality inspection service that used-cars listed on Carsada undergo to ensure it's quality and condition so that the anyone can buy a mechanic-inspected used-car with peace of mind.

With the help of PWSP's trained technicians using world-renowned Japanese standards, buyers can find a quality second-hand car from all the available options in the market.

The inspection covers a 188-point inspection which checks the engine, transmission, brakes, air conditioner, mechanicals, and electrical systems. This allows us to give reliable, unbiased information to remove guesswork and minimize the risk, so buyers can purchase with confidence. Likewise, used car dealers can now have transparency on the products they offer, resulting in strong and lasting relationships with their customers.

What are the benefits of a PWSP Inspected car?

When you buy a mechanic-inspected car on Carsada you get

Third-party inspection provides an unbiased assessment on a vehicle’s condition.

Only vehicles that passes Premium Inspection will be offered with Premium Warranty.

Premium Warranty provides peace of mind to the buyer in case of a breakdown.

What are the inclusions in the 188-point inspection?

1. Engine - Engine Assembly, Engine mount, Crankshaft, Crank shaft metal, Cylinder block, Cylinder head, Cylinder head gasket, Cylinder head cover, Piston ring, Each part bracket, Cam shaft, Cam shaft bearings, Valve guide, Valve stem seal, Valve spring, Valve retainer, Valve lifter (tappet), Valve rocker arm, Valve rocker shaft, Push rod, Lash adjuster, Intake and exhaust valves, Oil pressure switch, Oil pump, Water pump, Thermostat, Radiator Assembly, Radiator cap, Radiator hose, Radiator mount rubber, Radiator reservoir tank, Cooling fan, Cooling fan coupling, Cooling fan shroud, Cooling fan motor, Ignition coil, Ignition coil switch, Ignition switch, Alternator Assembly ,Starter motor Assembly ,High-tension cord, Common rail, Diesel injection nozzle, Fuel injector, Fuel sender gauge, Fuel pump Assembly, Intake manifold, Exhaust pipe, Exhaust manifold, Throttle body, Muffler, Supercharger, Turbocharger Assembly, Turbo housing, Turbo bearing, Catalytic converter, Secondary air supply system, O2 sensor, Accelerator position sensor, Engine ECU, Oil level sensor, Cam angle sensor, Crank angle sensor, Throttle position sensor, Knock Sensor, Vacuum sensor, Intake air temperature sensor, Air-fuel ratio sensor, Water temperature sensor, Exhaust temperature sensor, Hydraulic pressure sensor, Oil temperature sensor

2. Transmmission - A / T Assembly, A / T oil pump, A / T clutch, A / T solenoid, A / T valve body, A / T mount, CVT assembly, Torque converter, M / T assembly, M / T mount, Synchronizer mechanism, Transmission gear, High pressure pump, Electromagnetic clutch, Differential various parts gear, Transfer Assembly, Viscous coupling Assembly, A / T control unit, CVT control unit, Hydraulic pressure sensor, Oil temperature sensor, Drive shaft Assembly, Drive shaft boots, Propeller shaft, Propeller shaft center bearing, Outboard shaft, Inboard shaft, Universal joint.

3. Steering - P / S pump, P / S pump gasket kit, P / S Motor, Interface Midi Eight shaft, Steering gear box Assembly, Steering gear box gasket kit, Steering column Assembly, Steering shaft, Steering knuckle, Tie rod, Tie rod end, Pressure switch, Rack boots, Electric P / S gear box, Steering control unit, Steering torque sensor, Steering angle sensor.

4. Axle - Coil spring, Suspension arm, Suspension arm bush, Suspension Support, Suspension Support bearing, Suspension rod, Stabilizer Assembly, Stabilizer bush, Stabilizer link, Ball joint, Lateral rod, Knuckle, Wheel hub, Wheel hub bearings.

5. Brakes - Brake caliper Assembly, Brake caliper piston, Brake piston seal, Brake booster, Brake wheel cylinder, Brake hose tube, Brake master cylinder, Brake master cylinder cup kit, ABS actuator, ABS control unit.

6. Hybrid - Inverter, Input damper, Water hose, Water pump, Converter, Circuit breaker sensor, Starter Generator, Other seals, Transaxle Assembly, Transaxle oil pan gasket, Hybrid control unit, Battery case, Battery control unit, Various parts harness, Drive motor.

7. Air-conditioning - O-ring, Air conditioning expansion valve, Air conditioning evaporator, Air conditioning condenser, Air conditioning control panel, Air conditioner control unit, Air conditioning compressor Assembly, Air conditioning pipe, Air Conditioning monitor, Air conditioning receiver, Air conditioning pressure switch, Air conditioning temperature switch, Flap motor, Blower switch, Blower fan motor, Magnet clutch, Outside air temperature sensor, Inside air temperature sensor.

8. Electical Equipment - Door mirror Assembly, Door mirror control unit, Door mirror switch, Opening and closing part door mirror actuator, Mirror surface portion door mirror actuator, Keyless receiver, Sliding door motor, Door control unit, Door lock, Door lock actuator, Door lock switch, P / W switch, P / W master switch, P / W motor, P / W regulator, CD changer, CD deck (including CD · MD composite), CD navigation, DVD changer, DVD deck (including CD · MD composite), DVD navigation, HDD navigation, MD changer, MD deck, Audio amplifier, Cassette deck, Speaker, Multi-navigation unit, Each part antenna, HID burner, Combination switch, Stop lamp switch, Headlight computer, Washer motor, Wiper switch, Wiper motor, Wiper relay control unit, Active body control parts, Immobilizer control unit, Corner sensor.

Do all PWSP inspected cars have warranty?

Yes, all PWSP inspected Carsada cars that passed the inspection have both Engine and Transmission Warranty and Comprehensive Warranty of either 1 year.

Why should I buy a second hand PWSP inspected car?

You should buy a mechanic-inspected car on Carsada because it's important to know the exact condition of the vehicle before buying. With the extensive 188-point inspection, PWSP provides reliable and comprehensive information to remove the guesswork and minimize risk so buyers can purchase with confidence.

Premium Warranty safeguards your investment from hidden faults, defects, and sudden breakdown. Buyers can claim a warranty and have their vehicles repaired at no cost—a benefit only previously enjoyed by those who buy brand new vehicles.

Can I extend the Warranty Coverage before the warranty expires?

Extension of warranty is subject to another inspection by PWSP and if vehicle passes inspection and meets the requirements of PWSP, warranty can get extended. 

What repairs can I claim through Premium Warranty?

Premium Warranty protects your vehicle from sudden breakdowns. It covers the repair or replacement of affected parts at no cost as long as it is within the Warranty Terms & Conditions. Buyers may have their vehicles repaired at any PWSPI-accredited repair shop nationwide.

What is the difference between an Insurance and a Premium Warranty?

Insurance covers vehicles against accidents and theft. Premium Warranty covers vehicles against unexpected breakdowns.


What is AAP?

The Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) is the country’s biggest and oldest auto club. It was founded in 1931 as the Philippine Motor Association (PMA), a non-stock, non-profit organization committed to the general welfare of motorists in the Philippines.

If I purchase a Carsada car, will I have a free AAP Membership?

Yes, every Carsada car purchase comes with an AAP membership that usually worth P2,500+++. This is to provide additional peace of mind when you purchase a car with Carsada.

How long is my free AAP membership upon purchase of a Carsada car?

The free membership is valid for 1 year upon purchase of the Carsada car.

What are the inclusions of the AAP membership with Carsada?

24/7 Emergency Roadside Service - 2 interventions per year or 50km tow distance (whichever comes first)


Personal Accident Insurance Coverage (18-70 y/o):
Accidental Death and Disablement - Php 200,000
Accidental Medical Reimbursement - Php 20,000

LTO car registration renewal assistance

AAP Autocare services discount

Car (CTPL & Comprehensive Coverage) or Non-Car (Health, Property, Travel) Insurance Product Discounts

AAP Lifestyle Partner Establishments discount

24/7 Ambulance Service Discount

Free Glass Etching

International Reciprocity

Online AAP Quarterly Magazine

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