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Interested in selling your car? Carsada’s got you! Experience a seamless and hassle-free process from start to finish. 

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    How It Works

    How It Works

    Why sell your car with us?

    Why sell your car with us?


    Why should I sell my car through Carsada?

    We will tailor fit and advise you on the best possible price for your car and the fastest possible time to sell it.

    What happens after I give my Name and Mobile number?

    A Carsada representative will reach out to you within 24 hours to get the complete details of your car. Kindly have the Year, Make, Model, Variant, and Mileage details of your car ready along with exterior, interior, and engine bay photos.

    How much can I sell my car for?

    The cost of the vehicle is based on its market value and a minimal Carsada processing fee. We can give you the approximate price based on the initial details you provide, but it is subject to change upon actual inspection. Best if you can provide pictures initially so that we can give a good price for you. Pricing will also depend on your desire to sell it fast. A Carsada representative will guide you and explain everything you need to know regarding pricing.

    Will you be sending the leads you gathered?

    Yes, we will, but not until the lead already wants the unit or when we are that close to selling your car. We will take care of the entire marketing and selling process to get your car sold. No need to talk to so many people just to negotiate and try to sell your car. We will do that all for you.

    Will your lead visit my car to test drive and who will arrange such?

    Yes, we will try to convince them to visit and test drive your car as that would mean that the client is really serious about buying a car. We will be the one to arrange it with you and let you know the date of the visit. We hope that your schedule will be flexible too.

    How will the payment be made once your lead decides to buy my car?

    For Cash transactions, we will give you the cash up front based on our agreed price.


    If Financing, you will receive the full downpayment of the client and a letter of guarantee from our financing partner. However, proceeds are to be given only after the registration of the car has been transferred to the name of the buyer which we will process for you.

    Who will take care of the paperwork once the car is sold?

    We will take care of all the paperwork for you including the transfer of registration to the buyer.

    Who will pay for the transfer of ownership, who will do the paperwork and who will process it?

    We will take care of the processing of the transfer of ownership and the buyer will shoulder the expense for it. All you need to do is sign the Deed of Sale that we will prepare and ensure to have all original documents ready and should be under the name of the actual owner of the vehicle.

    When I bought this car, I never had the registration transferred to my name; it is still in the name of the first owner. Will this be a problem?

    No it will not be an issue. Just make sure to give us the notarized copy of the deed of sale and your valid IDs with specimen signatures so that we can process the transfer still.

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